What is Beta Glucan and how Does it Pass into the Human Body?

Beta glucan is a complex sugar (polysaccharide). Its only building element is glucose (simple sugar). The glucose units are bound in large molecules so that the result is not sweet sugar which provides energy for muscle activity, but gives ‘energy’ for the activity of immune system cells.

Beta glucan enters the human body through the villi in the small intestine” explains Dr. Mária Šustrová, immunologist and allergy doctor. “Then it enters the blood stream via the lymphatic system, where it acts on the immune system cells. Beta Glucan doubles the connection between immune cells and a pathogen (bacteria, virus, mould, cancer cell), thus increasing the body’s immune reaction to illness. In this way, the body’s defence system is increased. Beta glucan also supports the formation and survival of stem cells in the bone marrow, which create white and red blood cells.”

Effects of Beta Glucan

The advantage of Beta Glucan, if it is pure enough, is practically zero toxicity, no side effects, no counter-indications. No possibility of addiction or overdose has been found explains an immunologist Dr. Milan Buc.The use of supplements with highly pure Beta Glucan is safe. From this point of view, it is recommended for all age categories. Beta Glucan can be taken to improve protection during a period with a higher frequency of infectious diseases, for stress or high mental or physical pressure. It is also suitable for children, whose immune system is only gradually becoming mature. It is also suitable for adults who are subject to stress, and for older people whose immune system is not as strong.