How to Achieve the Right Balance?

Beta Glucan Can Help

Why take notice of all the well-known things can support the immune system? Eat healthily, exercise healthily, rest healthily? The aim is to live in the best possible balance and instead of excuses like “it’s impossible” look for ways to achieve that balance.

Nature has sent us a load of means to do so. Some of them are chronically well-known and we could say chronically used, and some, for incomprehensible reasons, we use a lot less. One of these is Beta Glucan. What is it exactly?

Beta Glucan: It is a unique help to the immune system, completely different from vitamin C or magnesium, which we usually reach for when something’s wrong. Beta Glucan has an exceptional ability to activate the immune system cells (specifically the above-mentioned CR3 receptor), thus giving the organism a change to protect itself against ailments which threaten us when tired. We should take it when we make a great effort and are stressed. All year round if we like, because overdoses are impossible and there are no side effects. We have been using it for millions of years already (it can be found in cereals, yeast and parasitic mushrooms), but in order for its effects to be fully shown, its quantity and size need to be taken into account. Beta Glucan taken in this natural form is simply put too big to be absorbed into the blood and lymphatic system; it passes on through the stomach into the large intestine and carries out its good work there. If we want it to strengthen the body’s whole lymphatic system, we need to buy the purest supplements. “Clinical studies have confirmed the therapeutic effect with the use of two to five milligrams of Beta Glucan per kilogramme of body weight. Of course, the dose depends on immune deficiency, the graveness of the disease or the damage to the immune system by medicine, for example antibiotics and treatments such as chemotherapy. It is ideally to be taken in the morning, while the digestive tract is empty” advises Adrián Doboly from the biotechnology company Natures which obtains beta glucan from oyster mushrooms.

Interesting fact: in the USA and Japan, beta glucan is prescribed as part of oncological treatment, because its positive effects have not only been proven in the treatment of cancer, but also in stopping tumour growth and the spread of metastases.