Put an End to Summer Accidents!

In summer we are often outdoors, so it’s difficult for us to avoid minor injuries, skin burns or insect bites.

However, these minor aesthetic problems often keep us company for the rest of our life in the shape of skin defects. But if you treat them properly right from the start, you can very easily avoid permanent skin damage. We inherit the way and speed at which minor injuries heal from our parents, just like our eye colour.


On top of this, healing is often negatively influenced by infection processes which complicate the formation of new tissue. Nevertheless, we are able to correct significantly this process and shorten it. The main thing is to return the skin’s original elasticity as soon as possible. “This is one of the reasons why we have brought to the market this gentle, dermatologically tested, unperfumed emulsion containing Beta Glucan from oyster mushrooms, which supports the creation of tissue and the skin’s regeneration. The gel protects the skin against damage from the sun or chemicals, treats minor injuries, insect bites, irritations and burns to prevent the formation of permanent traces on the skin. It helps wounds heal well and quickly, has a positive impact on the skin tissue’s natural immunity, thus reducing the risk of the creation of deep, marked scars. On top of this, Beta Glucan Gel has excellent supporting properties for healing atopic eczema and dermatitis” explains Adrián Doboly from the biotechnology company Natures. This means an end to summer accidents! Beta Glucan Gel is also suitable for children.