The following effects are known as a result of numerous research and studies, as well as the practical use of beta glucan:

Activation of the immune system and protection against infections

The function of the immune system can be disturbed as a result of several factors such as stress, environment, lifestyle and way of life, the side effects of a treatment or medicine, etc. If the immune system does not work properly, effectively and fast enough, it is not capable of protecting the organism against pathogens, resulting in illness. Beta glucan is capable of activating the immune system, optimising its functions to reach a normal, natural level, leading to the body being able to protect itself against infections.

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Anti-tumour effects

A well-known effect of medicinal mushrooms is their anti-cancer effect. This fact was the main reason for the intensive study of beta glucan. Beta glucan helps with the therapy of several types of cancer, and this property is the reason beta glucan was included in adjuvant therapy in Japan in the 1980s. Beta glucan also supports the immune system during the therapy of oncological diseases, since immunity is significantly harmed as a result of the use of various treatments for cancer, leading to unwanted side effects and infections. Experiments such as our own clinical study show that patients who take beta glucan during their oncological therapy have a better quality and comfort of life.

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Radiation protection

Various sources of radiation harm the organism and immune system, harm immune cells as well as the body’s positive bacteria. Experiments on the impact of beta glucan on the protection of the organism during increased radiation have shown that the immune system is significantly less damaged, leading to a more rapid recovery from radiation compared to the control group of animals, who died rapidly after being exposed to increased radiation, as a result of post-radial infections. This positive effect of beta glucan is a result of its ability to impact positively the proliferation (creation and viability) of non-specific stem cells which are formed in bone marrow. The function of the bone marrow can be negatively influenced by several factors such as the use of medicine, exposition to increased radiation etc.

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  • In one of the world’s most important oncological centres, the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, in cooperation with the National Cancer Institute, clinical tests are currently being carried out with beta glucan on patients with serious oncological diseases such as leukaemia, metastatic neuroblasts, progressive lymphoma etc.