Why our Beta Glucan?

Investing in health is only worth the money if you make the right choice.

    • We are a Slovak family company and we take a responsible approach to health. We first tried out the effects of beta glucan in our own family, on the most serious of diagnoses. Only then did we decide to make it into our business. We know what we are selling. We have been on the market for 15 years and our products are known in over 20 countries around the world.

    • We extract beta glucan from fresh oyster mushrooms, not from dried mushrooms. Thanks to this fact, the immune system-stimulating substance is of the highest quality and offers the highest possibility effectiveness. The mushrooms we use for producing beta glucan come from controlled conventional and organic agriculture, thus effectively avoiding undesirable substances often contained in beta glucan: heavy metals, residues of pesticides and herbicides, and the remains of agricultural fertilisers. No colourings, additives or preservatives are used in our production.

    • We use facts when declaring the purity of our beta glucan. Our technologically advanced and patented extraction method enables us to achieve an exceptional purity of isolated beta glucan, and thus a high level of activity. The purity of our fungal beta glucan reaches 93% (+/- 2%). This is important for beta glucan’s activity and its safety: the purer the beta glucan, the lower the risk of side effects or allergic reactions which might be caused by impurities, mainly proteins. Our beta glucan contains 0% protein.
    • We are the only producer of beta glucan in the Czech and Slovak republics to process beta glucan by micronisation. Thanks to the micronisation of our beta glucan to 5 µm (micrometres), we achieve an even higher efficiency and bioactivity, and thus better effects on the organism. Since only particles with a size of under 60 micrometres can pass through the villi in the small intestine, the beta glucan particles must be this size or smaller. Micronisation is the grinding of a substance into particles measuring 5 µm. This ensures optimal transfer from the digestive system through the lymphatic system into the blood, thus increasing your body’s immune reaction.

    • We produce the highest content of high-purity beta glucan per 1 capsule on the market (Beta glucan 500 and Beta glucan 500+).

    • In 2008, with the certification of our quality management system to the ISO 9001:2008 standard, we were the first to confirm our ambitions in maintaining and increasing the quality of beta glucan production. We also proved our efforts to provide high-quality and safe products with the implementation and certification of our food safety system to the ISO 22000:2005 standard. The quality management and food safety systems are audited every year.

    • Our approach to production has been rewarded several times since 2005 with the “Slovak Gold” quality mark for the products Baciltrafil, Beta Glucan 24C, Beta Glucan 120, Beta Glucan 240 and Beta Glucan 500.

    • The effects of our products are proven by the latest clinical studies.

*1 micrometre = 1 millionth of a metre