The Other Side of Summer

Party Time for Yeast Infections

Hip, hip, hooray! It’s everyone’s favourite time of year! When the sun shines, the days are long and the evenings full of the promise of fun and adventure; even the biggest problems are a little easier to bear. But someone else feels like clapping happily… but he doesn’t have hands.

Summer is full of symbols: warmth, clothing which reveals more than it covers, bathing in water and your own sweat, feeling like a shower morning, noon and night, freer, more playful and statistically the most unsafe sex all year round, cool drinks, holiday laziness which tries to enter our ordinary working days…The list goes on, but we all know what we’re talking about.

But perhaps we’re a little less aware that all these symbols are grist to the mill for the tiny organisms which live in peace and comfort – with a few exceptions – with us, or rather in us. However, in summer the chance that they will break their chains and become bad is at its maximum. Ow, how it itches! How it burns! And not anywhere, but exactly THERE, in the most sensitive and intimate place. Oops!
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Causes of Tiredness and Diseases

The Plain Truth about Stress

Even schoolchildren know that stress – with some exceptions – is harmful. This is why it should be avoided. Easy to say, but more difficult to implement.

Family, relationships, work, health, money – they all have in common the fact that they can make us happy and satisfied, as well as often being a source of real stress. And that’s without mentioning travel, shopping, neighbours etc. Even if you live on a desert island, you can still be stressed. You can worry about what you’re going to eat, where to hide from the heat or cold, you can worry about being on your own… It’s quite clear: doctors, advisors, psychologists and everyone who wishes mankind well can keep telling us to avoid stress, the plain truth is that it’s impossible. Stress is part of life. Full stop.


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Put an End to Summer Accidents!

In summer we are often outdoors, so it’s difficult for us to avoid minor injuries, skin burns or insect bites.

However, these minor aesthetic problems often keep us company for the rest of our life in the shape of skin defects. But if you treat them properly right from the start, you can very easily avoid permanent skin damage. We inherit the way and speed at which minor injuries heal from our parents, just like our eye colour.


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Mouth Infections

Unbalances in the body, a weak immune system as well as a neglected mouth infection can cause various infectious diseases which can really make our life unpleasant.

Mouth Infections

The organism’s most frequent reaction to infection is an inflammation. An inflammation of the mouth is known as stomatitis. There are various reasons for these illnesses and they are often combined together. Inflammations can result from:

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Oyster Mushrooms Improve the Immune System and Help Fight Cancer

Beta Glucan from oyster mushrooms helps fight inflammations, has a significant impact on mycosis, the symptoms of HPV disease, regulates the menstrual cycle and reduces premenstrual syndrome” says Dr. Eva Žďárská, from the Glucan advisory clinic in Brno.

Scientists have proven that the beta glucan contained in oyster mushrooms helps, in combination with traditional medicine, suppress the negative side effects of medicine and also makes the course of treatment easier. Read More

Herpes, an Immortal Virus

Herpes usually originates in childhood, but accompanies us throughout our life in varying forms. It is interesting to note that it is only carried and transmitted by humans.

Herpes, an Immortal Virus

Around 95% of the population is infected by a herpetic disease, and most of us acquire it during birth or childhood without even being aware of it. It remains ‘in slumber’ in our body. One single infection is enough to enable this enemy to settle for life in specific nerve cells, waiting to seize an opportunity. An ordinary weakening of the immune system, stress, hormonal changes, sunrays, a lack of sleep, increased temperature, pneumonia or menstruation can be fateful. Read More

What to Note when Choosing a Nutritional Supplement?

How to choose the right product by making sure we really invest in our own health?

For cosmetic products or nutritional supplements, it’s a good idea to obtain the best information on the products and their manufacturer. Different products with Beta Glucan are not the same. There are often shocking differences in quality. When choosing a nutritional supplement or cosmetic product, you should look out for:

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What is Beta Glucan and how Does it Pass into the Human Body?

Beta glucan is a complex sugar (polysaccharide). Its only building element is glucose (simple sugar). The glucose units are bound in large molecules so that the result is not sweet sugar which provides energy for muscle activity, but gives ‘energy’ for the activity of immune system cells. Read More

How to Achieve the Right Balance?

Beta Glucan Can Help

Why take notice of all the well-known things can support the immune system? Eat healthily, exercise healthily, rest healthily? The aim is to live in the best possible balance and instead of excuses like “it’s impossible” look for ways to achieve that balance.

Nature has sent us a load of means to do so. Some of them are chronically well-known and we could say chronically used, and some, for incomprehensible reasons, we use a lot less. One of these is Beta Glucan. What is it exactly?

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How to Build up a Child’s Immune System

The immune system is a very complicated mechanism which we have so that our organism can protect us from various ‘violators’. Children are born with one element of immunity but need to build up the next one.

Protecting a child against the dangers of the surrounding world is a task which the majority of parents take on automatically and responsibly. However just as there are parents who neglect their child in various ways, there are also those who over-protect them, thus harming them in the long run. This also concerns the child’s immune system and health.

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