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  • My daughter started nursery school and we couldn’t avoid runny noses. This is the only thing which acts preventively and works in the first stages of the illness. She also loves the strawberry taste. I’ve given it to her in reduced doses since she was one year old and she is still taking it now. She’s three now :-)


  • I suffer from psoriasis. If I completely exclude alcohol and unhealthy food from my diet and take Beta Glucan, almost 90% of plaques immediately heal.    

    Robo, Trnava, 43 rokov - Beta glucan 500

  • I trust Natures, because I’m a chemist, I’m interested in the composition of what I take on a professional level, too. I look for facts, not faith. If a doctor recommends something for me or my children, I ask why and what makes this product good. Beta Glucan products are clear: fresh mushrooms are not the same as dried mushrooms. The purity of the ingredients is only clear if you define it in numbers and micronisation is a good method of getting the nutritional supplement into the blood, so that it doesn’t just stay in the digestive system.     

    Hana, Košice, 55 rokov -

  • I had a chronic urinary infection and giving birth made it even worse. After each urological operation, I always helped my convalescence with Beta Glucan, which is the strongest on the market, and this investment was always worth it.    

    Ivana, Orešany, 27 rokov - Beta glucan 240

  • My child has suffered from allergies since birth, as well as eczema. We tried lots of things. I was desperate. I wasted quite a lot of money on uncertain nutritional supplements; at the chemist’s they always tried to persuade me to try something that never worked. Today I recommend Beta Glucan syrup to everyone. It helped us and so I have it in my medicine cupboard; I even take it on holiday.  

    Jana, Senica, 30 rokov - Beta glucan sirup

  • Beta Glucan is a great help. We look after our ill father, who suffers from diabetes as well as other diseases. He is now 90, he doesn’t need injections any more, tablets are enough, and he is relatively healthy. I am sure it’s partly thanks to Natures.    

    Anna, Senec, 65 rokov - Beta glucan 500